Happy 14th Birthday, Griffin!

Griffin, I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since you entered the world.

I remember that day so clearly….

My first contraction came on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday around 9am.
I remember “Guiding Light” was on the television. Around 11am my doulas, both named Stacy arrived, this was really happening! We went for a walk around our neighborhood to help with the labor. Every few steps I’d have to take a minute to lean on a tree. Looking at the spring flowers and imagining taking you for walks on the same street helped ease some of the pain and worrying I had. At some point your dad went into the kitchen to make pasta for everyone, you know how your dad loves to cook! It was around 6pm when we made our way to the Hospital.

I had planned to give birth to you in a birthing tub but decided to stay in the bed. Your dad and the two Stacys offered much needed support. Our two midwives, JoAnne and Donna were the best and made sure we had everything we needed. Before we knew it you were ready to come join the party.

You were born that evening at 10:34pm. But as soon as you were placed in my arms you were taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Because of your size, you were almost nine pounds, and how fast you came out, you had developed Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. The doctor placed you on an iv to get your sugar levels up. You had to stay an additional two days after I was discharged. It was so hard leaving you at the hospital. I went to see you in the nursery every chance I could. Your dad came to almost every feeding to make sure you were ok.

Finally you were able to come home Sunday, May 4th and we couldn’t have been happier.

Before we knew it a year went by and then two. You were a happy baby. You loved to sing and put puzzles together. But you still weren’t walking. We took you to various specialists who tested for possible causes, thankfully nothing too concerning came up. We were told you had hypotonia, low muscle tone. It was then suggested we put you in physical and occupational therapy. These therapies helped you gain the necessary muscle tone and confidence to begin walking.

Your bare feet hitting the wood floor was the most beautiful sound I could imagine. You were two years and three months old, walking! I continued to move your little plastic table that had been handed down to me by the family I nannied for. In that moment this table covered in old paint and crayon was a symbol of hope, that anything was possible. You kept walking towards it partially because it contained a puzzle you were almost finished doing and also because you were enjoying this new skill you had begun doing. Your smile and excitement was the only thing that could match my smile and tears. I stopped everything to call your dad.

I often think of this moment when we face a challenge that seems impossible to get through.

Now years later you’ve become a very strong swimmer and love to go on hikes, proving anything is possible!

You continually remind me to go at my own perfect pace, to embrace what makes me different, to stop and appreciate life and all its wonder. Seeing a passing butterfly still causes you great happiness and excitement, I love that about you.

You’re sensitive and passionate about many things from video games to recycling and everything in between. Listening to you play the piano is one of my favorite things. I feel so proud seeing you connect with others and taking on responsibilities. Your future is filled with endless adventures and possibilities. I hope you know your dad and I will continue to be here for you, to remind you of just how extraordinary you are.

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY! We love you more than you will ever know!

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