It Was Worth The Wait

Griffin has been taking a swim clinic to work on his stroke technics and his stamina. He’s also been working on jumping in the pool on his own. He has understandably been nervous about jumping in. At one point he jumped in with someone holding his hand but he just wasn’t ready to do it independently, until last week 🙂

I walked into the pool area and his teacher said, “We have something to show you.” There were other parents in the area who had children of various ages, many of them jumping in the pool. Griffin was the oldest of the bunch but he didn’t seem to care. As he neared the edge of the pool I couldn’t help but smile. He was going to do it, he had overcome his fear. The pride on both of our faces was undeniable.

As is the case in moments like these, I was reminded of of something. That it doesn’t matter what age Griffin achieves something, he will in his own time. The achievement will be all the sweeter. The same applies to me. Lately I have been feeling like I haven’t accomplished goals I set for myself. I feel like they will never happen. I feel like a failure. But I have an amazing teacher in Griffin and I know that in my own perfect time I will achieve my goals.

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