C307, For The Love Of Pete, Please Call C307!!

On Monday we had to go to the DMV. I recently lost my wallet so I needed a new license and Griffin had to get a state ID. Not the greatest way to start the week but it had to be done.

My number was called in a fairly decent amount of time. Tom waited with Griffin to hear for his number. When I came back Griffin’s number, C307 still hadn’t been called. He was handling the wait really well thanks to some cool books he received for his birthday. At some point the computer system to call the numbers froze, this is where I think the problem with Griffin’s number occurred.

While we waited a nice woman with a beautiful Tennessee accent came and sat down beside me. Her name was Angie. The DMV decided to take special care of anyone 65 and over due to the system freezing, so they asked for anyone 65 and over to come out of the line. Angie mentioned how she wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this nice offer because she wasn’t here for herself. She was here with her grandson who was waiting in line to renew his license. I thought it was so sweet that she was keeping him company. She then said that it was important that her grandson handle this on his own. Angie added that he was 21 and had Aspergers. My face lit up and said “so does my son!”

We proceeded to talk and then her grandson, John came by and sat down next to her. He spoke so kindly to his grandmother. She shared with me that she had helped raise John and that he loved hanging out with her. His other set of grandparents had passed away and he wanted to make sure he got to spend time with her. It sounded like something Griffin would do. I asked her if John would be comfortable with me knowing he had Aspergers and if he would want to talk to Griffin. She said yes and then mentioned to John that Griffin had Asperger too. Griffin’s first question for John was “Do you like video games?” He answered “Yes.” He had a job where he fixed video games and consoles. Griffin thought that was the greatest! John asked if we had ever been to this video game store/arcade. When we said we didn’t think so, he looked it up on his phone. The two of them continued to talk. I didn’t want this moment to end. Ok maybe just a little but only because we had been waiting a long time!

I quickly wrote down my information and gave it to Angie. It was obvious John would be a great person for Griffin to get to know. When I handed the paper to her she smiled and gave me her phone number. She told me she would give my information to her daughter.

I told Angie that I believed in God and that not hearing Griffin’s number and having to wait longer happened because we were meant to meet her and John. She could have chosen to sit somewhere else but instead she sat right next to me and started talking. I hope I remember this moment the next time I start to get impatient while waiting.

Thank you Angie and John for making our wait worth it!

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