Life Imitating Art, Sort Of

The other day Griffin was watching “Full House”, one of his favorite shows. The episode was about Michele and how she started to become embarrassed when Danny would kiss her when he dropped her off at school.

I thought “Geez what is she 6 or 7?” That seemed too young to be embarrassed by your parent kissing you in public.

Fast forward to today. Tom walked with me to drop Griffin off at camp. Griffin picked up his camp shirt that every camper must wear when going on a field trip. As soon as Griffin put the shirt on I noticed a hair on him and tried to remove it. It was at the same time that we were walking over to Griffin’s group. Griffin wanted to introduce Tom to his new camp friends. We stood there for a moment but Griffin couldn’t find the two friends. Tom then motioned to me to leave.

We said our goodbyes and then on his own Griffin gave each of us a kiss and hug.

As we walked back home Tom suggested that maybe I should think about how I am with Griffin when he’s around his friends. “What do you mean?” I asked thinking it was about the kiss. “He wanted to kiss us, who cares what anyone thinks.” “No Missy, I’m not talking about that. You started fixing his hair. I know Griffin isn’t aware or even cares but we should both start thinking about things like that, how we still baby him without meaning to” Tom explained.

Even if it’s not easy to hear, I always appreciate it when Tom see’s things I might not. I immediately understood what he was saying and started obsessing over if his friends saw me doing that and if they would tease him. “No I don’t think they noticed, that’s why I signaled for you to say goodbye” Tom answered.

As Griffin gets older it definitely is becoming more of a challenge figuring out where I fit in. He’s so affectionate and isn’t easily aware of things that might potentially be embarrassing for a teenager.

As his mom, since he might not pull away when it comes to certain situations, I find myself having to, which is really difficult.

I’m going to try to be more aware of how I interact with Griffin and stop myself when I reach for his hair. I have to remind myself that independence is what it’s all about not what his hair looks like.

But the kisses, well as long as he’s the one wanting to give them and doesn’t care what others think, well those we’ll keep.

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