Flexibility= A Teaching Moment For G and a New Ukulele For Me!

The other week we were at an appointment near our house. We rode the train there but it was such a beautiful day that I suggested we walk home. Griffin was fine with that and away we went.

As we walked we passed a music shop and Griffin asked if we could go in. I was feeling tired and sweating like a champ but I said “yes” and in we went. As we looked around I noticed a sheet that was promoting a contest to win a ukulele. All you had to do was sign your name and leave your email to enter the contest. There were no other names on it so I wasn’t sure if it was still going on but I signed my name anyway.

We left shortly after and I didn’t give winning the ukulele another thought.

The following evening I received a message that I had won the ukulele. This was just the boost I needed to get back to playing. I haven’t been playing my ukulele for awhile for many reasons, more on that to come later.

Flexibility is a challenge for Griffin. As with many moments we encounter, I took this as an opportunity to share with Griffin the importance of being flexible.

I told Griffin that if he hadn’t have been flexible with walking instead of taking the train, we wouldn’t have walked pass the music shop. If I hadn’t been flexible about going into the shop and instead just went straight home I wouldn’t have seen the contest to win a new ukulele and I wouldn’t have had the chance to win it.

A lot of change is happening for us this coming fall. I hope that not only Griffin can be flexible but that I can be as well. I hope that we can trust in the changes and in ourselves.

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