Mom, You’re The Best Mom A 14 Year Old Could Ask For

This past week Griffin was expressing to me how he feels like he doesn’t have anything just for himself in regards to technology. He doesn’t have a cell phone and his computer and video game time is very limited and monitored.

The conversation started because he wanted to keep his portable DVD player in his room. This seems innocent enough but with Griffin limits are really important.

“Mom, you know how you’ve said how you feel like you don’t have anything just for yourself? That’s how I feel when it comes to technology.”

“Griffin, I really understand what you’re talking about. Let’s figure this out together.”

“Mom, thank you for understanding and talking with me about this. You’re the best mom a 14 year old could ask for.”

“Griffin it’s because you calmly spoke to me about how you felt. You were so mature, I really appreciate that.”

This was a great moment for both of us. Griffin realized that I had heard him and that I wanted to work with him to find a solution. And I was reminded of how far he’s come and that he’s ready for more independence.

Despite that fact that he drives me crazy, Griffin is the best 14 year old this mom could ask for 🙂

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