This Is Autism

As we approach autism awareness month I wanted to share a moment from our day. We’re heading out for the weekend and Griffin wanted to bring his favorite movie #ponyo to watch in the car. Unfortunately the dvd is scratched and skips. G became very focused on fixing it but nothing worked. The movie was a gift, so I offered to buy him a new one but it wouldn’t come in time for our trip. He began to get really upset. He insisted that it had to come before we left because it was his favorite movie. I tried to calm him down by explaining that the movie would get here by the time we got back, so he had something to look forward to. If someone that didn’t understand autism saw what was happening they might have thought he was a brat and I was spoiling him but THAT IS NOT the case at all. After a moment he calmed down and was able to process what had happened. He even had the idea to use the old dvd has a decoration. I am so proud of him. I’m also exhausted!

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