Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Off Your Heat!

The last week or so has been extra crazy.

I thought I’d share some of the details so you could either
A) Laugh B) Thank God your week wasn’t like ours C) Realize you’re not alone in having a crazy week D) Be glad you don’t rent your home

My birthday happened to fall on Easter this year (yep I’m an official fool) and because of this we decided to go away for the weekend.

We also decided to turn off the heat while we were away, more on that in a minute.

Everything was going great until the day before my birthday. We decided to go to the local zoo and while we were walking I fell, I fell hard. How hard did you fall, Missy? So hard that my pants split at the knee. Tom was walking ahead of me but heard me and actually thought I was dancing, not sure what that says about my dancing.

Griffin did great on the trip. In the past despite loving to travel, the excitement would often bring out challenging behaviors in Griffin. There would be increased hyperness and overall sassiness but we keep trying because the world needs more Griffin!

Then our landlord texts us Easter morning that a painter was going to be coming by this week.

Tom had been trying for the longest time to get details from our landlord about when the painting would start. He explained that because Griffin is homeschooled and receives therapy at home we would need time to prepare. Our landlord never acknowledged this and just texted one word, Monday in response to a text Tom sent asking once again what was going and when the painting would start.

Before we knew it, it was time to head home.

Once inside we see them. Our beautiful beta fish. The most expensive fish we’ve ever bought, well I should say Tom ever bought. You see when Tom went with Griffin to buy them he didn’t notice a price on any of them. So instead of asking he just went to the register and paid $50 for all three them! He didn’t have the heart to not buy them because Griffin had already started to bond with them. I was shocked by the price and that Tom didn’t ask but honestly I thought it was very sweet that he still bought them for Griffin.

So back to what we saw.

We saw $50, I mean three fish floating in the water. We realized right away that they had froze due to our decision to turn off the heat while we were gone. What the hell were we thinking? We live in Chicago for God’s sake!

Griffin immediately starts to wail. Just weeks before he had become worried that the fish would die and had started to be more engaged with them and even taking care of cleaning out their tanks when they needed it. Every morning you could hear him talking to them, it was very sweet.

Tom in his awesomeness got our portable heater and places the fish near it. Not close enough to cook them, geez that would be all we needed!

Miraculously one of the fish began to move! And after just a few days he’s back to normal. Although we may have to get him therapy at some point.

Griffin continued to be upset and insisted we go and get two more fish right away. That wasn’t going to happen and after about an hour of him yelling and crying he was able to process what had happened better. We told him that we would go get new fish the next day, not $50 worth but he could pick ones that at least resembled the old fish.

One of the things I’ve learned since being Griffin’s mom is to embrace whatever the day brings and trust that it will bring something to be grateful for and to laugh about.

This weekend showed us that as a family we’re pretty strong and sometimes we make not so smart choices 😉

We got to see how far Griffin has come, his turn around was amazing.

I also learned that I’m trendy without even trying. I have at least three pairs of jeans with holes in them and all I had to do was dance 🙂

2 thoughts on “Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Off Your Heat!

  1. Terri

    I had to smile about your fishies demise. My son had a tokay gecko that lived in a little plastic “cage.” One beautiful day I thought how it would be nice if the gecko could get some fresh air. So out to the patio he goes. Then my son gets home. And finds a dead gecko because he was in a plastic cage that amplified the heat. My family still teases me about that.

    1. goofe71 Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I also had to smile when I read about your son’s gecko 🙂


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