A Special Moment I Didn’t Hear Coming

This past weekend Tom and I went for an overnight getaway because my mom was in town and we really needed it.

We visited the town of Cedarburg, WI. Tom had read about how charming and historical the town is, so we decided to check it out. I grew up in Williamsburg, Va, so historical towns have a very special place in my heart.

One of the things Tom researched was places for us to stay in Cedarburg. He found a bed and breakfast called “The Stagecoach Inn Bed and Breakfast.” I was reluctant to stay there because we’ve stayed in other bed and breakfast inns and I just didn’t feel comfortable. So we stayed somewhere just outside of the town.

Despite not staying at the Stagecoach, we decided to check it out and grab a drink at their pub.

As soon as we walked in I knew the Stagecoach was a special place. One of the owner’s, Bill came over to our table and started talking with us. We left and agreed to come back the next day on our way back home.

The next day we returned and when I say magical things happened I’m not exaggerating. When we walked in, Bill and his friend were playing music and singing. Bill called out to us and remembered our names, what we do for work and even remembered Griffin’s name.
We met Bill’s wife Anne, who was so kind and welcoming. She shared with us that in the past she had worked with a child on the autism spectrum.

At some point Bill asked me if I sang and I said yes not thinking much of it.

Then before I knew it I was up and singing.

I haven’t sung in public in this way in over five years. I’ve been dealing with challenges both as a mother, artist, and human that have put my passion for singing and acting on hold. I want to sing but my song just hasn’t been there.

But then it happened. All of the sudden I was singing a song that I had never sung before in front of strangers that quickly became friends. They were all so supportive and kind.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was not my first choice and when it was suggested I was like “no I can’t sing that!” “Why?” someone asked. “Is it because you don’t know it? I was like “no” because Judy Garland sang it!

Well the support I got made it impossible for me not to sing the song. We found a key that fit my voice and away I went!

After I sang I explained to everyone how special this moment was for me. I shared how I hadn’t sung in public in over five years. I got so many hugs and a new found energy and confidence I didn’t have before I visited and sang. I even sang more songs!

I wasn’t planning on singing and this was the first time I have ever sung “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” It wasn’t perfect but it was a very special moment for me.

We can’t wait to stay at the Stagecoach and sing with our new friends again soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Special Moment I Didn’t Hear Coming

  1. Bill and Anne

    Thank you Missy for visiting us at The Stagecoach Inn. Your voice is strong and beautiful and we are so lucky you and Tom shared your time and talent with us the other evening. You guys are special people. We look forward to meeting again.
    Bill and Anne


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