To Griffin On Your 16th Birthday

Griffin I can’t believe you’re turning 16 tomorrow. So much has happened leading up to this milestone birthday.

You continue to amaze me, your dad, and anyone who is lucky enough to know you.

You continue to break misconceptions of what autism looks like and openly share your uniqueness and world.

You continue to be amazed and overjoyed by things many of us take for granted like seeing a passing butterfly, squirrel, or bird.

You continue to overcome challenges like expressing yourself appropriately and connecting with others. The growth you’ve made in both of these areas in the past year has been amazing!

Griffin you continue to flourish in the many areas of interest and talents that you have. From your piano playing to your study of the Japanese language and everything in between. To see how much you enjoy learning and seeing your teachers enjoying teaching you makes me so happy and proud.

You continue to willingly hold my hand and hug and kiss me. When I let you know that I understand if you don’t want to still do this, you get upset and say “But mom, why wouldn’t I? I love you.”

Griffin you continue to be the most amazing and interesting person I know. If I hadn’t been blessed to be your mom, I know we would have still found each other and become best friends. I’ve said this to you before and it’s true now more than ever.

Griffin my birthday wish for you is that YOU continue being YOU, no matter what the outside world may tell you.

Griffin continue to live your life by not fitting in a box.

Griffin continue to find the joy in all things.

Griffin continue to be passionate about helping people, animals, and our planet. I’ve never met anyone so passionate about recycling 😉

Griffin you continue to defy expectations.

Happy 16th Birthday, Griffin!

We continue to love and support you now more than ever!

3 thoughts on “To Griffin On Your 16th Birthday

  1. Maya

    Well again my friend you bring me to tears with your words and humility. I love you both and I wish Griffin the absolute same bday wishes! It is true you have found each other and it’s meant to be exactly as it is. Don’t ever stop writing!!


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